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Acyclovir and other anti- herpes medications work by interrupting the new viral replication.

By keeping the virus in check, theoretically the nerves are able to calm down and rest after having been irritated for so long.

Wer kommt als frischgebackene Olympiasiegerin nach Oberstdorf und wer holt sich den Gesamt-Weltcup?This kind of chronic HSV-PHN is considered to be rare, although anecdotal evidence suggests that it occurs much more frequently than has been documented.HSV can also cause a “sciatica syndrome” – pain the sciatic nerve in the back of the thigh.There is some conflicting advice on the effectiveness of suppressive therapy with acyclovir (Zovirax).Some research from the mid-90s indicated that it either has no effect, or that it may worsen “unexplained nonlesional HSV episodes.” However, other research and anecdotal reports from Herpesite correspondents found that daily suppressive therapy with acyclovir brings relief from PHN, possibly by decreasing the irritation to the nerves caused by frequent outbreaks.

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The healthier a person’s mind and body, the better they are able to cope with infections, and other physical issues.

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